About me

Name Euna
Gender female
Ethnicity Chinese

Hi, my name is yuna, I enjoy coding, drawing and creating characters in my free time.

I have been drawing since young, but have only started taking it more serious since begin-mid 2021. Since then I have begin experimenting more with my artstyle and doing more complex art, instead doing simple doodles and always staying inside my comfortzone. I always liked doing traditional art. I discovered digital art around 2018 and bought a drawing tablet that year (the same I still use). I mainly do digital art now, but I sometimes still do traditional art, because I still have a large amount of traditional art supplies left.

For coding, I only started recently, around July of 2022, when I joined this site. I use Visual Studio Code to edit my coding, since it lets me easily switch between different page files, and it doesn't require internet to use.

Likes & Dislikes
  • Writing and creating original characters
  • Character design
  • Coding (html & CSS)
  • Personal websites
  • Cyberpunk (just the general theme, not necessary any specific game or TV show)
  • Open world games (3D preferred)
  • Mythological creatures
  • Gradients
  • Eating sounds / asmr
  • Hard to read fonts
  • Large flying roaches & moths (in real life)
  • Unhygienic habits
  • Rainy days
Hardware & Software
Computer Windows 11
Drawing tablet VEIKK t30
Art program Krita
Code Editor Visual Code Studio
Browser Chrome, Firefox
Coding knowledge